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Comprehensive Carbon Offset Programs For Both Carbon Credits Actors, Buyer And Seller

Our expertise successfully covers the analysis and process required to achieve the level of Neutral Carbon by the company and the products it manufactures, as well as certification of Positive Climate Projects that absorb and eliminate carbon emissions

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Certified Carbon Offset

A carbon offset it’s representing the reduction of one tone of carbon dioxide emission, thus reducing the effect of climate change – unfortunately, more and more visible today. The entire offset process is supported by the Certification we offer.

Offsetting is the way to pay other entities to reduce or absorb carbon dioxide, thus compensating it for your emissions.
We help you throughout the process and using our expertise we will support you to benefit from the expense you make by buying carbon credits. 

Climate Positive Projects

We are engaging in various fields, like water improvement, afforestation / reforestation, green energy, carbon absorption, waste management, others.
Each project is assessed by specialized organizations, evaluating and monitoring project and its functionality, the amount of carbon will be reduced, finally issue carbon reduction quantity available to be sold as carbon credits.

We find the most suitable way for you to purchase carbon credits so that you offset your emissions, so that you can directly benefit from the acquisition of carbon credits and more, to help nature and support the community. 

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Corporate Carbon Footprint

We are enabling your company to take climate action, and through you, the entire value chain. And this is bringing common benefit to all actors involved. Each project we encountered is different, so get in touch, we will tell you more.

I’m sure you’re concerned about the global carbon reduction movement. We can help you with what you set out to do for your company and implement it to your advantage in your value chain. We are here to help you all along from evaluation to your new carbon neutral marketing campaign. 

Product Carbon Footprint

Carbon neutral is the new mantra of ecological organizations, of the citadels of culture and education, of the business world, but how to make it happen? Following throughout the process starting with the value chain, the technological process and the post-purchase period, in some areas carbon neutrality cannot be achieved for all products.

Using scientific tools and based on practice in the field, we will offer you flexible solutions that address only to a certain product from the manufactured range. Or only to a certain range of products to be delivered to a certain market / beneficiary. 

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Carbon Neural Products

Product you are manufacturing is the essence of your dreams, efforts and hopes. The better it meets the requirements of the consumer, the more famous it becomes, the bigger challenges for your company. We are here to help you with the key steps toward consolidating your beloved product on a sustainable line.

Your customers, GenZ and Millennials especially value products d\elivered by business committed to responsible environmental practices. You can offer them the power of choice in participating to the common effort in fighting global warming.
Offer them certified carbon neutral products, labels that guarantee your product climate neutrality. 

Carbon Neutrality vs Net – Zero Carbon Emission

Carbon – neutral is the new gold. Nowadays, more and more companies pledge to become carbon neural, net-zero or even climate positive.
Net-Zero carbon emissions mean that an activity releases net-zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Carbon emitted in one of the areas of activity, first the direct, secondly indirect from energy and thirdly indirectly from the supply chain, we will identify, we will evaluate, categorize and we’ll advise you to direct purchase carbon credits on specific projects that offset the carbon in a suitable way for your business and also with great social impact. 

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Carbon Offset Peripherals

Yes it is about marketing (peripherals because they don’t belong to the core of offsetting).
You will understand how big the carbon footprint of the company is, of your product, after which you will implement offset and you will take a stand for a sustainable, clean, ecological activity and product. Very well! But make this known to the world; spread the good news to your business chain, partners, customers.

We help and support you to spotlight your product’s ecological performance. Enter the smart marketing class; show that you serve the consumer and society.
We support you with an internationally validated professional carbon offset; we issue a specific certification that you will display as proof of the accuracy of your environmental claims. 

Design Climate Policy (public sector)

Our accumulated experience and the scientific knowledge of our team help us to provide the necessary support to governments, regional and local state structures, to identify, design and implement strategies to capture, reduce or eliminate carbon emissions.

Water improvement offset projects, waste management and landfill projects, afforestation / reforestation are few direction which, in addition, can serve to achieve the community’s goals in terms of eliminating carbon emissions, increasing the strength of the supply chain, increasing the reputation of giving a positive impact to communities. 

d3po7 Design Climate Policy

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