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Voluntary Offset Carbon platform

d3po7 is the World-Class Carbon Offset Platform
Integrating Superlative Business Features

Make Your Company
Carbon Neutral

Buy credits

  • We balance Your company’s carbon footprint;
  • The real deal is in the way you invest and control you funds;
  • For any value, you will use a totally secure solution, totally under your control;
  • Our platform is ready to help You leveraging Your business.


Develop Your Oasis
Climate Positive Projects

Sell credits

  • You own a project that will offset carbon emission or deliver green energy;
  • Several areas in which investments have traction and give results:
    • carbon absorption
    • green energy
    • plantation, conservation and development
    • water improvement
    • specific technologies
  • You get involved! We will offer You an experience from the future.
Dose Carbon Offset
Offers Economic Benefits?
  • YES, it offers benefits to both carbon offset actors;
  • Your customers, specially Gen Z, Millennials, divinize carbon neutral products;
  • Your company in the market is in an elegant transparent position;
  • Be ready, mandatory regulations will run all levels of the market;
  • Show You mean real business;

Welcome to The Voluntary Carbon Offset Platform


We assist and advise you in finding the solution from which you can best benefit from carbon offset We identify, support, finance projects in the areas of afforestation / reforestation, recycling, water improvement, green energy and whatever project achieves the goal of Climate Positive

Environment Action

Take Climate Action And Cooperate With Our Excellent Experts We Will Find Offset Solutions From Which You Can Benefit Tremendously.
Join us and offset your unavoidable carbon emission by participating in climate positive projects

We Help You Increase Your Revenue And Ensure a Positive Impact For The Planet

Offset with us into Climate Positive Verified Projects. Our projects undergone a robust verification project followed by validation and Carbon Credits are issued according to VCS standard.

We combine customized advisory solutions with the ability to implement bold climate action


d3pot Voluntary Carbon Offset Platform, a Tool for Today’s World In Which Any Local Action Has Global Consequences

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