Voluntary Carbon Offset is the real thing

Purchase d3po7 robust, verified carbon credits that reduce emissions and sequester carbon!

Skeptics may question the reality of global warming... The concentration of carbon dioxide in the Planet atmosphere is 418.05 ppm in March 2022; back in 1950 this level was 318 ppm ...

Average monthly CO2 emission per capita (source: Gold Standard)

1 tonne/month or less

Most of E.U. countries, emerging economies and developing countries

2 tonnes/month

Australia, Canada, Estonia, Luxembourg, U.S. + several oil exporting countries

3 tonnes/month or more

Curaçao, Kuwait, Qatar, Trinidad & Tobago

This not only threatens our environment and way of life, but also the very existence of future generations. By offsetting your emissions, you can help reduce this threat.

Each d3po7 carbon credit offset is verified and registered by one of these 3 bodies, offering worldwide validity;

Offset with d3po7, and you are guaranteed to have the best quality carbon credits. Offseted credits will be retired.

Having a net-zero carbon footprint is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity! d3po7 provides you with direct access to Verified Emission Reduction (VER) carbon credits, fulfilling the 4 attributes:


Carbon that has been avoided, reduced or sequestered through a verified project and can be purchased as a means of offsetting emissions elsewhere. Offseted credits are retired by the Registry; double-counting is prevented.


In simple words, the carbon removed can't be reintroduced into the atmosphere. To lower our global carbon footprint, the emissions we remove need to stay gone forever.


Emission removal/prevention of carbon wold not have taken place in the absence of the added funding created by the sale of carbon credits. Additionality is essential for the quality of carbon offset credits.

Verified (VER)

Our carbon credits are transferable instruments verified and registered by independent certification bodies, to represent an emission reduction of one tonne of CO2, or an equivalent amount of other GHG's

d3po7 VER come with SDG's benefits for society, the economy, and the biosphere:

Purchase carbon credits from d3po7, and contribute also to social and environmental co-benefits that target the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations

Some emission can’t be avoided. If you can't avoid it, offset it!


d3po7 exists to reverse climate change by offering to individuals and businesses quality VER carbon credits with SDG’s co-benefits for society, economy and biosphere, that reduce pollution and restore nature.

d3po7 kyoto protocol

Leaders about importance of Voluntary Carbon Offset

Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy
"Climate change from a human mortality perspective, it will be the equivalent of a coronavirus crisis every year from the middle of this century, and every year, not just a one-off event. So it is an issue that needs to be addressed now."
Dickon Pinner, senior co-lead, McKinsey
“Net zero is becoming the organizing principle for business and it’s going to trigger the largest reallocation of capital in history,”
Marcos Preto, CEO, Agrocortex
"Forest carbon projects are undoubtedly the best way to avoid greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to contributing significantly to the social and economic development of regions"
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