d3po7 projects - local action, global impact!

We want to ensure that our projects have a broad impact and support a wide range of activities.

Our team has the ability and experience to make this happen.

Areas of activity of our projects:

Forest and Conservation

The UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has been operational since 2005, and forestry projects have always played a big part in it.

The scheme enables EGS oriented companies to offset their carbon emissions with forestry projects that have always been among the most popular.

They protect eco-systems, wildlife, and social heritage – things that are important for companies looking to improve their CSR credentials

Renewable energy is crucial for a sustainable future, which is why we develop projects in renewable energy offsets. By building or maintaining solar, wind or hydro sites across the world, we can help increase the amount of renewable energy on the grid.

And that’s good news for everyone: it means decreased reliance on fossil fuels, more jobs in renewables, and a stronger global sector for renewables.

Renewable Energy

Waste Management

The waste to energy project is one of the most common ways that helps reduce GHG emissions. It not only helps in reducing greenhouse gases but also provides an alternate source of clean energy.

Some waste management projects relate to the implementation of technologies that reshape the waste processing, thus avoiding GHG’s emissions.

We contribute to a healthier climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions for everyone

Read more about how our sustainable development projects are helping to achieve the U.N. SDGs and providing benefits like carbon credits here: [United Nations – SDG’s]

This means that organisations who invest in such community projects can now receive direct benefits like carbon credits.

Community Projects

Explore our projects below to see how we can help both, individuals and businesses clients on their sustainability journey:

Reforestation 144 ha, location E.U.

Forecasted listing: May 2022

Reforestation 200 ha, location E.U.
Forecasted listing: July 2022
d3po7 climate change
Forest Conservation, Improved; 13,000 ha
Forecasted listing: first half 2023
Community, Biodiversity, forestry 200 ha


Forecasted listing, end 2022

Community, Biodiversity, forestry 500 ha

Forecasted listing, end 2022

Waste management – technology implementation, E.U.

Forecasted listing, 2023

Renewable Energy, 120 MW, E.U.

Forecasted listing, beginning 2023

Stay tuned, because we will have some exciting news to share soon!

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