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On one hand, the daily activity of any person and entity produces carbon by using transport, electricity, packaging, lighting, food, production of goods, kitchen.
On the other hand, Climate Positive projects sequester or prevent carbon emissions or deliver green energy, clean water.
Carbon offset is the quantification of the carbon produced and with the resulting amount used to finance Positive Climate projects that otherwise could not have been achieved. 

When purchasing offset to cancel a portion of their emissions, individuals or businesses should look for offsets that are third-party-verified. All d3po7 credits are issued from the major carbon standards (VERRA, Gold Standard) will have undergone a robust verification process are tracked on registries to ensure emission reduction, are not double counted.

For both individuals and companies, carbon emissions are calculated and monetized over a period of time – most often over a yearlong. In order to maintain the status of Carbon Neutral, the process must be continued.

The vintage year refers to the year the emission reduction occurred. Generally, offsets with a vintage year within 1-3 years of the emissions to be canceled out are most desirable.

You can benefit by spreading the word about your Carbon Neutral company / product. Carbon Neutral is the new gold. Young people are increasingly aware and very selective in lifestyle and products they are using conditioned to reflect the carbon neutrality. We will leave the Earth to our children, young people and future generations.

We are professional, reliable, we have experience, we move fast and accomplish our commitments.
Offset with us, and you are guaranteed to have the best quality carbon credits along with SDG’s benefits for society, the economy and the biosphere.
Partnering with us, You will gain from repositioning in the market and increased profits. 

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